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The Top Notch Team consists of a professional and experienced Sales Staff available Monday thru Friday 7am to 8pm EST. With 13 hours of availability, a Sales Team member is always available and prepared to provide you with the product knowledge necessary to ensure confidence you are purchasing the right products for your needs. Call Top Notch 800-233-4210

Luke Duda

Luke Duda ext. 7693
Inside Sales Rep

Addi Smokey

Addi Smokey ext. 1208
Inside Sales Supervisor

Bill Fenwick

Bill Fenwick ext.7616
Inside Sales Rep

Joe Gombita

Joe Gombita ext. 7634
Inside Sales Rep

Jake Gardas

Jake Gardas ext. 7697
Sales Specialist

Melody Hamill

Melody Hamill ext. 7692
Sales Specialist

John Hodor

John Hodor ext. 7635
Sales Specialist

Donny Michalek

Donny Michalek ext. 8418
Sales Specialist

Tim Petroski

Tim Petroski ext. 7637
Sales Specialist

Katie Rojas

Katie Rojas ext. 1222
Sales Specialist

Bob Seipp

Bob Seipp ext. 7617
Sales Specialist

Bert Smith

Bert Smith ext. 7695
Sales Specialist

Mike Wehr

Mike Wehr ext. 2900
Sales Specialist

Jim Williams

Jim Williams ext. 1200
Sales Specialist

Mickey Abbott

Mickey Abbott ext. 7654
Bid Administrator