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Online Support

For questions regarding website navigation and online account access:

Toll Free Number:
Online Support is available 7:30am to 7:30pm EST
Toll Free Fax:

To reach Sales, call 800-233-4210. The following extensions can be used to reach a Sales member directly:

Name Extension
Luke Duda 7693 Bill Fenwick 7616
Katie Rojas 1222 Jake Gardas 7697
Joe Gombita 7634 John Hodor 7635
Jim Williams 1200 Joy Madison 1205
Eric Nolan 7602 Tim Petroski 7637
Bob Seipp 7617 Jen Kelly 8475
Mike Wehr 2900 Addi Smokey 1208
Bert Smith 7695 Melody Hamill 7692
Amanda Schwab 7679 Paige Pickel 1202
JP King 6220 Bryan Boggs (Sales Engineer) 7603
Tony Startzmann (Sales Engineer) 1233 Donny Michalek 8418
Mickey Abbott (Bid Administrator) 7654 Fom Huynh (Bid Administrator) 1241
Steven Gresham (Bid Administrator) 8663
Customer Service

To reach Customer Service, call 800-233-4210. The Top Notch Customer Service Department is available to help with Order Status, Ship Dates, Returns and any other information needed once the order is placed. The following extensions can be used to reach a Customer Service member directly:

Name Extension
Kelly Griffis 7642 Heather Coursen 8582
Breanna Templeton 8596 Olivia Rickard 7686
Credit Department

To reach the Credit Department, call 800-233-4210. The following extensions can be used to reach a Credit Department member directly:

Name Extension
Kathy Brundage 7640 Caroline Templeton 7619
Donna Stahl 7629 Sal Caterino 7663
Rose Doney 7608